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  • 18 moves in 14 years

    18 moves in 14 years

    Several years ago, as part of a fine art photography class, I was asked by Deb Schwedhelm “What is unique or important about your past?” I wrote this and have thought about it many times since then. She encouraged me to follow this direction in my art…and I know the feelings about what I share…

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  • poverty doesn’t define me.

    I recently finished the book YOU ARE A BADASS AT MAKING MONEY by Jen Sincero. I loved the book. (If swearing isn’t your thing, know that there is plenty of it in this book.) I gained so much insight, and it has given weeks (if not months!) of journaling|self reflecting work to go through. One…

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  • money doesn’t grow on trees- or does it?

    money doesn’t grow on trees- or does it?

    I was sitting in a home that was beautiful and inspiring. It was filled with relics and artifacts from around the world. It was set in a breathtaking spot, surrounded by trees with massive windows to let in the beauty. I was there for a parenting seminar. The family that was teaching this seminar is…

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  • breathe


    breathe in hope…exhale joy breathe in gratitude…exhale love 35mm | f2.2 | 1/400 | iso2000

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  • like learning an instrument

    like learning an instrument

    I read on one of the almost 100 mother’s day posts that I saw yesterday- “…because she enjoyed us so much, she taught me to enjoy my own children.” That isn’t an exact quote, but gives the full idea. It was my favorite thing I read yesterday. EnJOY! EnJOY life…motherhood…relationships! Even the messy, complicated, difficult,…

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    Sometime last year, I overheard some teenage girls talking. There was a get together planned that night. A group of friends (boys and girls) would be watching a movie at one of their homes. A few of the kids liked each other. One of the girls was unsure about the attention she knew one of…

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  • a knock at the door

    On Sunday afternoon there was a knock at the door. I opened it and saw my friend and neighbor Jaxson on the other side. He was holding a bouquet of tulips and a card. He handed them to me and said “thank you for taking my pictures.” I gave him a hug, thanking him for…

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  • 10-10-1 as a family

    10-10-1 as a family

    We have a money system in our house where our girls pay for their own clothes, entertainment with friends, shoes, spending money for gas, to go out to lunch, etc… Part of earning money within our finances, is to complete checklists. They hate them. They rarely do them. SO their desire for money can be…

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  • 10-10-1

    I want to not like her. After reading her first book (that I really liked) I decided to follow her on social media. I couldn’t take it. I unfollowed her within the week. Why is it some of us are turned off by highly motivated-have it all together-living their dreams-women? (I feel super shallow admitting…

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  • thoughts from my yoga teacher

    thoughts from my yoga teacher

    At yoga yesterday, the teacher began with a thought she offered that we could meditate on for a few years… perfection- take away perfection = perfection I have been thinking about it since then. She also stopped in the middle of our class, muscles straining…focus sharpened, trying to learn side planks and the most efficient…

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