Kate and I on our lunch date yesterday…me learning how to post a selfie on VSCO

Sometime last year, I overheard some teenage girls talking. There was a get together planned that night. A group of friends (boys and girls) would be watching a movie at one of their homes. A few of the kids liked each other. One of the girls was unsure about the attention she knew one of the boys wanted to show her. (Could I word anything more awkwardly!? Uggg) Anyway- the girls had arranged that as friends they would sit next to each other to thwart off any unwanted advances. It wasn’t my place in this situation-but I wanted to say SPEAK UP! Make your voices heard! What you want (or don’t want!) matters! Speak your mind.

This experience has given me food for thought as a parent of three teenage daughters. Am I being an example of speaking my mind? Do I allow myself, and my thoughts to BE SEEN! I know some of the most amazing women. Some of my dearest friends are some of the greatest examples I have known throughout my whole life. They are following passions, creating art, running businesses, serving their families and communities…even outside their communities. They completely inspire me. But the lives they live are not shown on social media. They are not glamorized on any media platform…

Why as women, do we hold back? Some of us live small. (me) We are comfortable behind the scenes. We are killing it behind the scenes, by the way. And service definitely doesn’t have to be shouted from the rooftops. But maybe if we allowed ourselves to be seen, AND that we ourselves completely saw:

  • our own potential
  • our own dreams
  • our own gifts

-and shared them with others to inspire them, maybe those girls would find their voices and make their true feelings heard and SEEN.

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  1. This is the most difficult juxtaposition I grapple with. How much to share, how to be sure what I share is not for personal props but to deliver goodness into the world, how to present my values in a social space so they are not misunderstood (this part is especially a challenge concerning my coaching and modesty or perceived modesty)…i hope and pray all the time I’m navigating social
    Media in a way that reflects who I desire to be as a disciple of Christ and as a strong, ‘real’ woman with strong views and opinions.

    • Your hopes and prayers are answered. Many times when I have reflected on this, you come to my mind as someone not afraid to be seen, be in photos, post your voice and speak your mind. You inspire me to do better.

      Tell me more about “coaching and modesty!”I saw you mention that last night on IG, and I am intrigued.

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