“I believe that the place in which I live, while I live in it, is the best place in the world for me. And as it gives to me the best it has, it deserves in return from me the best I can give it.”

Clinton Weekly Motto from Great-Grandpa Gray


  • mastermind: November challenge

    My sister in law was new to my area. She and I had been talking a lot about podcasts and books that inspire entrepreneurship and goal setting. I suggested we create a mastermind group so that she could meet more people and we could both be inspired my being part of group to learn and…

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  • 17!


    Sophie is S E V E N T E E N ! How is my baby almost an adult!? As soon as she was able to run down the hall-she was jumping out of her crib-necessitating a big girl bed WAY before I was ready. She has craved independence from the beginning- our favorite phrase…

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  • SADIES 2023

    Sophie and two friends planned a Sadies Day to remember! They began their date by picking up the boys and headed straight to the UNIVERSITY OF UTAH football game. The six of them cheered on the UTES (unfortunately the U had a tough loss to the OREGON DUCKS). They had fun regardless of the score.…

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  • fall forage

    fall forage

    I am battling plantar fasciitis in my right foot-which has derailed my hopes of hiking in the mountains. The fall leaves are on fire this year-SOOOOO stunning. To bring in a bit of the fall into our lives, I decided to forage around our home for some autumn. I grabbed a bucket of water and…

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  • working on sleep

    working on sleep

    I slept until 7:54 am!!!!!!! I used to pride myself in my gift of sleep. I fell asleep quickly, slept deeply and didn’t wake up until my alarm went off or someone in my family woke me up. After turning 50 it all changed. It takes me longer to fall asleep, I usually wake up…

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  • a case for making breakfast

    a case for making breakfast

    I woke up on my own at 7:00 am. Ellie was home for the weekend and I knew that she was hoping to get on the road by 9:00 to head back to St George. I hopped out of bed and went straight to the kitchen. I put together a breakfast…nothing super fancy (Trader Joe’s…

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