“I believe that the place in which I live, while I live in it, is the best place in the world for me. And as it gives to me the best it has, it deserves in return from me the best I can give it.”

Clinton Weekly Motto from Great-Grandpa Gray


  • 9 ways to raise independent daughters

    9 ways to raise independent daughters

    I want to begin by saying that this isn’t a comprehensive list. I would love to learn from you how you foster independence and confidence in your family. I want to be clear that my daughters are not perfectly independent or confident. They have however grown in this area! Their growth inspires me over and…

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  • bringing in the flowers

    bringing in the flowers

    After a spring and summer of focusing and working on the remodel that effected about almost 50% of the house, I have begun turning my attention to our neglected front and back yards. It was a tough season for them with our restricted water, and then our lack of attention. I was in the yard…

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  • our favorite home away from home: Lake Powell (Bullfrog)

    our favorite home away from home: Lake Powell (Bullfrog)

    We share a week on a houseboat with our friends. Our two families LOVE Lake Powell and we were so grateful when a week came up on their parent’s houseboat that we could share. We don’t live in the same neighborhood anymore…so catching up over the week is an added bonus. Our week is in…

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  • 91 years and 1 day

    91 years and 1 day

    My dad would be 91 years and a day today. I was in St George, dropping Kate off to school on his birthday. He would be SO PROUD of her (and Danny and I too). My favorite moment of our weekend was Friday. Danny, Sophie, Kate and I met Ellie and Sam at the Cedar…

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  • the value of a SAHM

    My SAHM role is getting less and less intensive. It began on March 4, 2002. My second of three daughters just graduated high school and will be moving away this August. (She is off to college!) Danny and I decided together that I would take on this role, well before any of our girls entered…

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  • missionary memory

    missionary memory

    This Sunday I was asked to speak in church. My sweet friend and neighbor is going to be serving as a missionary in Latvia. It was her farewell. I decided to turn to my mission journal for some inspiration on what to share. This photo fell from the journal when I opened it. My mission…

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