“I believe that the place in which I live, while I live in it, is the best place in the world for me. And as it gives to me the best it has, it deserves in return from me the best I can give it.”

Clinton Weekly Motto from Great-Grandpa Gray


  • family stories that bind us

    family stories that bind us

    On Sunday we visited another church congregation to hear our sweet friend’s homecoming talk, just returning from a mission in Hong Kong China. I was very pleasantly surprised to see another friend of mine (Amy) was also speaking in the same meeting. She referenced two articles in her remarks that have been on my mind…

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  • as we let our own light shine

    as we let our own light shine

    Danny, Ellie and I studied the book YOU ARE A BADASS AT MAKING MONEY by Jen Sincero together. I loved our little bookclub! It was the second time I read it. We decided to meet over the phone once a week after each chapter (Ellie lives a few hours away). Ellie is in her last…

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  • jicama tacos: a new favorite meal

    jicama tacos: a new favorite meal

    My sister Dede told me about these jicama wraps from Trader Joes. I was skeptical- I don’t hate jicama, but I don’t really crave it. I do however feel better when I eat without wheat or a lot of corn flour in my diet, so I gave them a try! They are DELICIOUS! I actually…

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  • the reality of the resurrection

    the reality of the resurrection

    The day my dad died there was a huge shift in my foundation of faith. I had been taught since I was very young about Jesus, his resurrection and the surety of life after death. It always felt true to me. When faced with the reality of never seeing someone you love-like a father-my perspective…

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  • hang a photo

    hang a photo

    I snapped this photo on an overcast day at Dana Point. I loved the 4 birds just over the horizon. I decided to “add” one more to better represent our family of 5. I am going to print this image to hang above our sectional in the family room. Which size should I choose? I…

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  • why I hire a professional photographer

    why I hire a professional photographer

    Two of our daughters live 4 hours away, attending college. They usually come back for a visit about once a month. Unfortunately, their trips back home weren’t coinciding this fall. With our crazy summer (Ellie living in St G, Kate traveling & celebrating graduation and the rest of us distracted with the remodel of our…

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