“I believe that the place in which I live, while I live in it, is the best place in the world for me. And as it gives to me the best it has, it deserves in return from me the best I can give it.”

Clinton Weekly Motto from Great-Grandpa Gray




    Danny was attending a business conference with IREM and sweetly invited me to join him last week. I had never been to Chicago. It is a beautiful city. When he was in meetings, I worked from the hotel. When he was free. we squeezed in as much sightseeing as we could in the few days…

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  • PROM

    Kate was excited and grateful to be asked to prom this year-her final “date dance!” My personality at her age (and now) isn’t the perfect match for that scenario. I am not a confident dancer and formal attire isn’t my thing either. I also don’t love crowds and loud rooms- It was just weeks before…

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  • some finds on a Friday

    This week the blossoms popped open on our flowering pear trees that line the street in front of our home. They are magical every year! These are some finds that have been a bright spot for me lately. I have no affiliation…just love them. Everyone needs a Betty- THIS was so heartwarming! I REALLY wanted…

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  • where the wind blows

    where the wind blows

    The wind was welcome a surprise on our shoot-because it meant no flying/biting gnats, which are common on Antelope Island in the spring. It seemed fitting too. The chaos of that movement (Kate’s hair was blowing everywhere!) represented a lot of what these past years have been for her. Kate is SOOOOO smart. She learned…

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    It is my new favorite book. If we have seen each other in person in the last few months, I have probably mentioned this book to you. I am a sucker for a substantive self help book, but this one is next level for me. For most of us, our default processes keep us looking…

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  • Easter baskets

    Our three girls have been responsible for buying their own clothes for years. For the holidays I tend to gift them those things that I don’t purchase for them during the regular year. I am always on the look out for gift ideas, especially as they have gotten older. (They don’t think of me as…

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