Sophie is S E V E N T E E N !

How is my baby almost an adult!? As soon as she was able to run down the hall-she was jumping out of her crib-necessitating a big girl bed WAY before I was ready. She has craved independence from the beginning- our favorite phrase to hear her say as a toddler was “I do it mysels” It was bitter sweet when she learned to say “myself.”

She stands up for what she wants and knows is best for her. She is a hardworker! Her job as a gymnastics/ninja/cheer coach is her VERY favorite thing she does. Some of the best things to come out of our kitchen, have been by her-she LOVES to cook! She has outgrown her disdain for clothes shopping. She loves time behind a boat, making dessert, laughing with friends and getting on the jumbotron at UTAH football games! We love her so so so so much!

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