mastermind: November challenge

My sister in law was new to my area. She and I had been talking a lot about podcasts and books that inspire entrepreneurship and goal setting. I suggested we create a mastermind group so that she could meet more people and we could both be inspired my being part of group to learn and grow. I immediately thought of Sally, a friend and real estate agent. I approached her and she was all in. We each thought of a few more people and it has grown now to almost 20 women.

We started the year discussing and working on habits. We broke up into groups of 4 and were assigned different areas of focus. My group was given BODY. My group of 4 decided to do a challenge to inspire gratitude for our bodies. Jamie (a cross fit trainer and nutrition coach) wrote it up! The idea is to begin on day one…keep that challenge/goal for the month and then add a new goal with that each week-





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