I want to not like her. After reading her first book (that I really liked) I decided to follow her on social media. I couldn’t take it. I unfollowed her within the week. Why is it some of us are turned off by highly motivated-have it all together-living their dreams-women? (I feel super shallow admitting that) Maybe it is an insight into why we resist in ourselves, or maybe that’s just me. HA! Regardless, I want to change this in myself. Anyway, her new book GIRL STOP APOLOGIZING came out last week, I had a credit on audible and downloaded it. I am over half way through Rachel Hollis’s new book. Chapter 12 especially got my attention. I took it seriously and began.

10 YEARS: envision who I will be in 10 years…what will I wear, what will I drive…how will I spend my days…who do I love…how do I love them, etc…

10 DREAMS: what 10 dreams, when I accomplish them, will get me to who I want to be in 10 years

1 GOAL: this is a tough one, pick ONE goal that will help you toward a dream or dreams. Just ONE. She explains this much better in her book. I had never thought of it this way, but I love it and I am all in for trying it.

EVERYDAY: write your 10 dreams down every single day. I am writing my goal too. A friend gave me this darling journal for my birthday and this is my first dream journal.

WHY: another idea she discusses in the book, if you aren’t sticking to your goal your why isn’t strong enough or clear enough. SO in my daily dream writing, I am adding my goal AND it’s “why

I am going to share my ten dreams:

  1. I am a covenant keeping woman of faith
  2. I create>consume: writing, photography, music, art & exercise
  3. I am strong, flexible & energetic in a body that weighs 118 lbs (which is ideal for my 5’2″ frame)
  4. I am an exceptional wife-in love with my husband
  5. I am an amazing mom that has a strong connection with her children
  6. I am a certified life coach
  7. I am a life documenting expert
  8. I live in a paid off home
  9. I am a cheerleader for women in their 40s-50
  10. I travel the world with Danny and close friends

Rachel teaches that it is important to be specific and write your dreams as they have already happened…no “I will” or “I am going to”

Tomorrow I will write about how we did this as a family. I will also REfollow Rachel Hollis again on IG, and practice celebrating the success and accomplishments of other women!  Have you read this book? I would love to know what you loved, or didn’t love!

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