100 day challenge: round two

I finished my 100 day challenge. I challenged myself to go without sugar (desserts, candy, ice cream, chocolate, etc…) for 100 days. I posted about it here and here. My last day of the challenge was on October 30th. I hadn’t planned for Halloween day to arrive in celebration of the end, but it did. I thought I would be excited- but I was actually kind of bummed it was over. I loved it. It really changed my perspective and habits around treats. I didn’t even want Halloween candy- which was a shocker for me given my previous obsession with chocolate and ice cream. It was gone. I loved the challenge so much-I decided to start a new one.

For my next challenge I was ready to give up another bad habit. As a few days wore on…I started thinking about adding a new habit instead. I do think sometimes it’s easier for me to kill an old one but I was ready for a challenge. My new 100 day challenge:


More about my dream journal here and here. We are taught from so many sources to seek gratitude in our lives: every self help book I have read (and I have read an embarrassing pile), scriptures, faith leaders, athletic coaches, therapists, financial advisors, motivational speakers, artists, our parents…nearly everyone agrees-

MORE GRATITUDE is what many individuals and groups need.

Some of the inspiration that I have found lately:

this video was our “life coach lesson” last week

this podcast…

this talk

this book…that isn’t specifically about gratitude…but incorporates the benefits of a grateful mindset over and over again

our family quote board

Dedicating myself to a challenge (eliminating most refined sugars from my life) completely changed my mindset and habits. It strengthened my confidence and clarified my perspective. It was actually fun too. I am hopeful that this new challenge will improve my life in even greater ways! Are you interested in a 100 DAY CHALLENGE!? Send me an email @ carindavisphotography@gmail.com and I will email over my 100 DAY CHALLENGE checklist. You can modify for any challenge you are up for. I would love to email it to you!

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