quitting sugar

I was tired…physically tired, YES, but even more tired of the excuses.

  • ‘If it is dark chocolate-it’s good for me’
  • ‘what is a life without ice cream…or cookies?
  • ‘I’ll start Monday’
  • ‘Is it really that bad?’
  • ‘Can I be a good mom if I don’t make homemade cookies?
  • ‘I don’t want to be obsessive or fanatical’

Honestly, I was ready for a challenge. I was ready for change. Diabetes, heart issues, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and ADHD run in our families. I finally felt motivated to do this for me.

On July 24th, 2019 I began a 100 day challenge. 100 days of no refined sugar. I have been pleasantly surprised (relieved!) at how easy it has been! I will share my TOP FIVE TIPS FOR QUITTING SUGAR:

#1 WHY! Clarify your WHY. Be careful that your WHY comes from a loving place. Don’t begin if it come from a place of negativity- hating your size and feeling down on yourself. Make sure your reasons are based in health, goals, and self improvement. One practice I learned from Rachel Hollis really help me understand my why. It is the 10-10-1 that I talked about HERE and HERE.

#2 CHART! I did a google search of 100 chart and printed off the first one I liked. I placed it on a clipboard and wrote the details of my goal. I colored in a square for every day of success! It is crazy how much this meant to me. I had at least four dreams where somebody had gifted me or handed me chocolate and I popped it into my mouth without thinking. My first panicked thought in these dreams was “OH NO! MY CHART!” For a visual person like me, coloring that square is a reward and powerful.

#3 FOCUS! Initially, I had 4 things listed on my chart that involved exercise and organization. I realized pretty quickly that tracking ONE goal is much more powerful than having a list of goals. Once I let go of the list and kept my focus concentrated, the rest of those items on my list improved without any extra effort.

#4 CELEBRATE your successes! Each time you check a square, lay your head on your pillow after a day of no sugar…congratulate your progress! Have a reward on the line once you meet your goal.

#5 NOTICE how you feel! As you progress through the days- notice little things about how you feel after you eat. I have had plenty of experiences to reflect on how I have felt after eating poorly, remember those too. Food is fuel, and this exercise has reinforced that for me.

Tomorrow I will share my FIVE favorite benefits I have experienced being on day 62 of a no sugar challenge! I know these tips would apply to almost any goal you choose for a 100 day challenge. If you began a 100 day challenge, what would you do?

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