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  • where the wind blows

    where the wind blows

    The wind was welcome a surprise on our shoot-because it meant no flying/biting gnats, which are common on Antelope Island in the spring. It seemed fitting too. The chaos of that movement (Kate’s hair was blowing everywhere!) represented a lot of what these past years have been for her. Kate is SOOOOO smart. She learned…

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  • celebrations and separations

    celebrations and separations

    How does the end of an era (18+ year era) come to a close so quickly? It is Kate’s final childhood spring break. It is more real to me this time around, having been through it with Ellie. Fortunately, I am a person who LOVES change. It actually inpsires and motivates me. I have loved…

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  • create a dream: nutrition coach (part two)

    As part of our photo session together, Aly wanted photographs with her family in their garden this year. Their hard work is inspiring…but so is the beautiful location. It was my favorite part of our time together (you know how I feel about photographing children…my favorite!) MY QUESTION FOR ALY: As a mom, knowing and…

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  • breathe


    breathe in hope…exhale joy breathe in gratitude…exhale love 35mm | f2.2 | 1/400 | iso2000

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  • a light study

    a light study

    It is the last week of school in our neighborhood (YAY!!!!!!!!!!!) and this beautiful friend of mine is graduating from high school. I felt lucky to be able to create these images with her. I have known her since her preschool days I think! I love seeing the amazing person she is and how she…

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    I will always be a student of photography. Creating STILL images with LIGHT has added so much goodness to my life. It has taught me to see beyond what my eye sees in passing. It has taught me to love the uniqueness in those I photograph. It has captured moments and memories that would have…

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  • prom!


    There is always some apprehension for Ellie leading up to a dance…but she has come home so happy every time. Going with her friend Caden this year was no exception. He is such a nice young man. They went with their group to Top Golf the night before and watched movies later. Saturday they met…

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  • Easter dress…

    Easter dress…

    On our trip to Las Vegas for spring break, we did a little shopping. We found this dress for Ellie at Urban Outfitters. We both loved it and thought it would be a good excuse to do a photoshoot together. Ellie liked the idea of green backdrop (we can’t wait for spring…or summer for that…

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  • seventeen


    Ellie turned SEVENTEEN this month. Her birthday was filled with Kate’s lacrosse game and her own bass lesson. We finally met up for dinner, a late dinner. She picked SAPA in Salt Lake. The sun had set several hours before but we were grateful to celebrate one of our favorite days together! With a day…

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  • teenagers


    We had the studio light up for my nephews (here) so the teenagers (Ellie & Kate with my nieces Lauren & Rivers and their friend Johnny) decided to play. I set the camera for them and plugged in the light and they had so much fun. And I LOVED the photos they downloaded to my…

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