35mm | f1.8 | 1/3200 | iso100

Ellie turned SEVENTEEN this month. Her birthday was filled with Kate’s lacrosse game and her own bass lesson. We finally met up for dinner, a late dinner. She picked SAPA in Salt Lake. The sun had set several hours before but we were grateful to celebrate one of our favorite days together!

With a day off from school Monday, we finally had free schedules during daytime hours. We headed to Salt Lake and decided to do our birthday photoshoot at Trolley Square. I am so grateful my girls participate in these traditions with me. They are the best!

My favorite things that Ellie brings to our lives:

her smile…whether she is laughing, joking and especially trying not to smile, but can’t help herself

her independence…she LOVES to drive, and drive her own car, even if a “nicer” car is offered to her.

hard work…she loves her jobs (she has two part time jobs!), earning her own $, she is paying for the majority of her humanitarian trip to Tonga this summer. She pays for her own gym membership…and GOES!

her heart…she is a loyal friend, a sweet daughter and contentious to do her best in the world. I love our evening talks and the life she is choosing for herself.

I am lucky to be her mom. <3

50mm | f5 | 1/500 | iso100
50mm | f2 | 1/800 | iso125
35mm | f5 | 1/250 | iso125
35mm | f4.5 | 1/250 |iso250
35mm | f1.4 | 1/2500 | iso125

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