#1 trait in a great photo-artist

It was 15 minutes before my workshop attendees would be arriving. The doorbell rang and a flat package from @blurbbooks was sitting on the doormat. I hadn’t expected it until Wednesday. It arrived several days early and right in time to share with my friends how much printing your work means to me. That was the first homework assignment I gave them, enlarge one of your images to 16×20 or larger. I have given that assignment for every workshop I have taught over the many years I have taught it. The last slide of my workshop that day said: “The #1 trait in a great ‘photo-artist’ is that they value their work.” If there is anything that I want my students to really learn and know-IT’S THAT! Printing the images you take, whether for yourself or a gift, for a book or for a wall-takes you in a giant leap to realizing it’s value” 

Now, I obviously need some training is self portraiture! 🙋🏼‍♀️ The cover photo of my book was taken by @heycnyn – thanks Canyon! It’s one of my all time favorites! 

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