where the wind blows

The wind was welcome a surprise on our shoot-because it meant no flying/biting gnats, which are common on Antelope Island in the spring. It seemed fitting too. The chaos of that movement (Kate’s hair was blowing everywhere!) represented a lot of what these past years have been for her. Kate is SOOOOO smart. She learned to read watching her older sister learn, at three years old. She has a way with words, is quick to absorb concepts and loves people. Those qualities have been an asset for her in the public school system.

The structure, stillness, judgement and tediousness of school have been her challenge. Not “challenge,” like no big deal challenge, but challenge in “will I ever survive this?” challenge. She has learned a lot about the world and herself through this time in school. She held on to the aspects of school she loves: art classes, football games, DANCES, lacrosse… She also embraced things outside of school: cello, her jobs (especially working at IN & OUT) and many friends.

She has taught me so much through this process. I admire her strength, wisdom and heart. As much as I want to freeze time and keep her with me forever, I welcome the opportunity to see where the wind takes her.

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