some finds on a Friday

This week the blossoms popped open on our flowering pear trees that line the street in front of our home. They are magical every year!

These are some finds that have been a bright spot for me lately. I have no affiliation…just love them.

  • Everyone needs a Betty- THIS was so heartwarming!
  • I REALLY wanted THIS for my office. It didn’t do much for me online, but I LOVED it in person. The shape, texture and scale are really fun and interesting. Unfortunately, the color isn’t quite right so I had to go a different direction.
  • THIS recipe is one we made a few weeks ago-and I think I could eat it everyday! I love Half Baked Harvest!
  • I have tried SO MANY eye serums-all from trusted, clean, tried & true brands. THIS eye serum is the first that I have used that I haven’t been sensitive to! I am so happy that I found it!
  • For Kate’s birthday we are giving her bedding for her upcoming college life. I love everything she chose…AND that it is pieced from different places: SHAMS, DUVET COVER, PILLOWCASES, and THROW. (tip: if you are looking for twin sized bedding Crate & Kids is a great option for college kids!)
  • The Butter cup PISTIL trucker hats are my favorite for warmer weather! I love the colors without a lot of graphics.
  • I purchased THIS and THIS for our upcoming remodel. I laid them out to make sure they would work…and I can’t wait to lay them out for good. They are beautiful, soft and the quality is great for the price!
  • I received THIS book as a gift and it is giving me so much inspiration for what we hope to build in Southern UT!
  • I was in Target this week. I was SO surprised that they had so many items for Easter and nothing was on sale. It wasn’t until later, I went to my local grocery store and saw the same displays of candy and Easter basket treasures- that I remembered that we celebrated Easter early (when Ellie and Sam were here) and Easter hasn’t in fact happened. THIS blog post gave so many ideas on remembering HOLY WEEK and what Easter is all about.

Happy REAL Easter friends! We are gathering with my mom and sister (and family)! We have a lot of demo to do on our house projects, and prom for Kate! It’s going to be a good one!

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