Kate was excited and grateful to be asked to prom this year-her final “date dance!” My personality at her age (and now) isn’t the perfect match for that scenario. I am not a confident dancer and formal attire isn’t my thing either. I also don’t love crowds and loud rooms-

It was just weeks before the dance and she was chatting with a friend group that only one of the girls (there were 12ish in the group text) had been asked. They were bummed. And then within days…several of them were asked and in the same group together. They were a part of a group of 16 couples! I have often been asked to photograph for the dance groups my girls have been a part of. That group had a photographer lined up already. After learning there would be 32 people, I was relieved! Kate’s date was a really nice young man. She didn’t know him well so that added to the excitement of the evening. She was thrilled to go and be dancing in that mosh pit all night long. We snapped some photos before they left to join the group.

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