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  • my cute nephews

    my cute nephews

    My sister in law wanted a little help with a Pinterest project she found like THIS. I got out my studio lights and we played with some kid headshots. How cute are my nephews?

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  • the right place at the wrong time

    I was chatting at a social function last weekend and a friend I hadn’t seen in a while, asked me about life. As we chatted she mentioned my challenge to take photos every day in a congratulatory way. I fumbled around explaining nothing perfect was going on here. In fact, most of those days my…

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  • a new partnership

    a new partnership

    50mm | f1.2 | 1/4000 | iso250 October 25, 2014: It was the first day I had strapped a 50mm 1.2L Canon lens on.  I rented it for a photoshoot I had that day.  While still in my possession, I decided to try it out on my family members.  We went up the street and…

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  • drew itself near

    drew itself near

    24mm (24-70mm lens), f2.8, 1/250, ISO6400 “Why would your creativity not love you?  It came to you, didn’t it?  It drew itself near.  It worked itself into you, asking for your attention and devotion.  It filled you with desire to make and do interesting things.  Creativity wanted a relationship with you.  That must be for…

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  • create a dream: QUILT MAKING

    create a dream: QUILT MAKING

    This is the first post in a series I will be sharing regularly.  I have recently become more aware of the power of creativity in a world filled with consumption.  Creativity is so much more than artwork & craft projects.  Creativity is anything that you are doing with deliberation and effort.  Creativity is found in:…

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  • truly SEE

    truly SEE

    top & bottom left: 35mm, f2.2, 1/400, ISO 2000 bottom right: 135mm, f3.5, 1/100, ISO 2000 | San Francisco, CA From one of my favorite photography books, TAO OF PHOTOGRAPHY by Philippe L. Gross & S.I. Shapiro- “SEEING, in the finest and broadest sense, means using your senses, your intellect, and your emotions.  It means…

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  • expecting a new niece in May

    expecting a new niece in May

        Micah is getting married!  We love Rachel!  We can’t wait for the big day-May 12th 2018!

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  • ten little toes

    My nephew Oliver. Eleven days old.

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