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Antelope Island 04/05/22

How does the end of an era (18+ year era) come to a close so quickly? It is Kate’s final childhood spring break. It is more real to me this time around, having been through it with Ellie. Fortunately, I am a person who LOVES change. It actually inpsires and motivates me. I have loved watching the growth in our girls when they conquer new stages and adventures. But as much as I love change- going from 3 to 2 to an upcoming 1 child at home is quite an adjustment.

Sophie, Kate and I have been home together for spring break. Danny is traveling for work. Last night we decided to take advantage of Kate’s night off and take some senior photos. She loves Antelope Island and it is one of my favorite Utah portrait backdrops, especially when the biting gnats aren’t there. Last night it was so windy and cold there wasn’t a bug in sight! Sophie was a trooper, bringing her camera too! We took breaks in the car when we needed to defrost with heated seats and heater blaring!

I am excited to go through them and edit our favorites. I love having these things to do together-to help prepare my heart for the celebrations and separations ahead.

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