Easter baskets

Our three girls have been responsible for buying their own clothes for years. For the holidays I tend to gift them those things that I don’t purchase for them during the regular year.

I am always on the look out for gift ideas, especially as they have gotten older. (They don’t think of me as a pro-buyer anymore). I am sharing what I have chosen for them this year to remember and help anyone else that loves a gift-guide.

swimsuits: swimsuits are an Easter basket tradition at our house. It is their favorite part. This year I took their imput because the fit and function of a swimsuit is so personal. This is what we came up with:

top left: these are from Aerie. THIS is the top and THESE are the bottoms but Sophie chose brown which I can’t find there now.

top middle: from JCREW FACTORY we found THIS that I initially bought for me…but it looked ridiculous on me and amazing on Kate…so she is recieving this along with THIS that she picked from Billabong

top right: for Danny, he is liking a bit of a shorter trunk these days. THESE have a great feel and are nice and roomy for him.

bottom left: Ellie chose THIS for long boating days (dreaming of time at Lake Powell)…it is a great feel and fit! (it is on sale right now!!!!)

bottom center: I bought THIS for myself in parrot green! I love it! And it is also on sale right now!

bottom right: THIS from JCREW FACTORY for Sam. It is a surprise for him.


BODY PRESCRIPTIONS: THIS and the Bubbles Over Troubles I found at TJMAXX

TARGET: THIS, THIS, and THESE (not toiletries but grabbed them and loved the light pink and taupe)

SEPHORA: THIS product, perfect for the upcoming swimsuit season and THIS for great brows (Sophie’s request)

LUSH: I am obsessed with THIS. I have to be careful about scents and exfoliants…but this I LOVE, I snagged one for Ellie and I. THIS is Sophie’s favorite and THIS is Kate’s. THIS is great for the guys!

candy: What is an Easter Basket without candy?

Tony’s Chocolonely Easter Eggs available HERE (for Danny and I)

My girl’s favorite jelly bean HERE



if your sour game is strong HERE

I snagged a few more individual surprises…but this is all I have time for now. Ellie will be home this weekend…so we will be celebrating early-and I can hardly wait! Any great ideas that you have for me to add for next year?

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