egg hunt

On Saturday Dede and I talked over the phone, debating whether or not to do an Easter Egg Hunt for the kids. Now that the youngest between us is 12 (Sophie) we thought they were probably over it, they were getting enough…and we were feeling lazy. We showed up to Nana’s house for Sunday dinner and she excitedly told us she had eggs to hide. Danny and my mom went right out and hid them before we ate. They all loved it. Dede and I decided we wouldn’t be slackers next year. I was inside doing the dishes and saw Dede taking a photo of everyone, so I grabbed one from the back through the kitchen window. We are never too old for family traditions.

PUERTO RICO: day six

The only item on our schedule today was church. We met the missionaries while we were out the day before. They confirmed their meeting was at 11:00 a.m. There are about 10-15 attending members of their branch. We loved getting to know the people there. It was a testimony meeting. Danny and Dan both bore their testimonies in Spanish. I conversed with a few people in Spanish after the meeting too. When we came home after lunch, Sophie and Ellie told Danny that he could speak to them only in Spanish to help them learn the language. I told him I would hold down the English in the household. I do speak Spanish. But it doesn’t remotely feel like a language I can speak with ease anymore. The more I have been around it this trip…the more comfortable I feel.

After church we stopped for our favorite ice cream and then lunch. We stayed around the beach house a lot.

I took some photos of Ellie before sunset…REALLY wishing I had brought my Canon 5d! It would have been heavy…but REALLY worth it! Especially the night of the Bioluminescent tour. My markiii is the only camera we own that could have handled that.

We ended the night with a BBQ poolside. It was a great day!

Winter Concert

Utah Youth Philharmonic Winter Concert was Monday, January 14, 2019. Ellie loves participating in this group. She began in the Utah Youth Junior Symphony many years ago. I think this is the third year she has played with the Philharmonic. They played:

Lieutenant Kijé Suite Op. 60 by Sergei Prokofiev & Symphony no. 7 Op. 92

The music was BEAUTIFUL! Barbara Scowcroft is a joy to watch as Conductor. It might have been my favorite of their performances. We obviously have a special preference for the bassists.

Danny, Kate, Sophie and I were all there. Nana, Dede and Chase came too. We all had a late dinner at Rio Grande Cafe after the concert.

take care of the girls…part one

taken: 10.04.18     phone photo

The two most important men in my life are Danny and my dad.  They treated each other with such respect.  On October 14th I was going to spend the day with my parents.  It was Sunday.  My plan was to go to a sacrament meeting and then head straight there.  Danny offered to join me.  As we were getting ready Dede sent a text-  “could you skip church and come now? it’s been a long night.”  My dad had been on hospice care for several weeks.  He was too weak to walk.  Dede or I tried to be there in the morning until he went to bed because it was a lot for our mom on her own…and 90% of the time it was Dede.  In fact, I hadn’t been there for several days and I was looking forward to being there and relieving Dede.  

My dad had weeks of not being able to hold down or eat food and sometimes liquids.  We were told that the restlessness and anxiety he was experiencing was “terminal agitation.”  The night of October 13th and morning of the 14th the agitation had hit its peak.  He hadn’t slept for two days…and not much sleep the days leading up to that.  Dede had planned to stay until he fell asleep- he never did.  He was afraid.  The hospice staff over the phone told her- “you have to give him his medicine and then stay on top of it-preventative and not reactive.”  He WOULD NOT TAKE IT.  Dede was exhausted and emotionally drained.  

We got there as quickly as we could.  I walked into the back door.  My dad’s hospital bed was the first thing you saw as you entered the back door of their home.  I went straight to him.  I asked if he wanted a hug.  His bed was set upright so I embraced him with both of my arms.  He returned the hug and patted my back.  “Did you have a hard night Dad?” I asked him.  He said that he had.  “Why aren’t you sleeping?” His only response, “It’s nearing the end.”  

Dede, at mom’s insistence, told me more about their night.  He had been combative, yelling and struggling, which was totally out of character.  He truly had been the sweetest patient as we cared for him these last months.  I felt an overwhelming gratitude for all of the time and selflessness Dede had given my mom and dad and wanted to do anything I could to help.  Her only instructions- “get him to take his medicine and then give it to him every three hours so his agitation doesn’t get this bad again.”  She left to get a few hours sleep and mom and I were strategizing about how to get him to take the medicine.  Danny said confidently, “I’ll do it.”  He grabbed the Rx and headed to his bedside.

“Bob, I need you to help me take care of these girls. Do you want to do that?”  He nodded that he did.  “They need you to take this medicine.”  I am going to put it in your mouth.  My dad opened up his mouth…and it was done.  We were shocked.  We hoped he would go right to sleep because it had been days since he slept.  Instead, my dad wanted to go to his office.  Danny wheeled him back there.  Wheeled him back to bed.  Then he wanted to sit on his walker.  Danny gave him a back rub.  Then suggested an “army bath.”  We got warm water, a washcloth, and a bar of soap.  Danny cleaned him right up…joking and lovingly caring for a man he respected so much.  My eyes filled with tears.  I love Danny for more reasons than I can count, and at that moment my heart overspilled with gratitude for these men- my father and the man I married.  

Yo-Yo Ma and the Bach Cello Suites

Annie called months ago and asked if we had any interest in seeing Yo-Yo Ma perform the Bach Cello Suites in the National Cathedral.  We didn’t hesitate and booked plane tickets immediately.  We had all thought the day would never come.  The cathedral is magnificent.  The music was exquisite.  Yo-yo Ma was inspiring.  It was worth any effort to be there.  We felt so lucky.  Thank you, sweet Annie!