egg hunt

On Saturday Dede and I talked over the phone, debating whether or not to do an Easter Egg Hunt for the kids. Now that the youngest between us is 12 (Sophie) we thought they were probably over it, they were getting enough…and we were feeling lazy. We showed up to Nana’s house for Sunday dinner and she excitedly told us she had eggs to hide. Danny and my mom went right out and hid them before we ate. They all loved it. Dede and I decided we wouldn’t be slackers next year. I was inside doing the dishes and saw Dede taking a photo of everyone, so I grabbed one from the back through the kitchen window. We are never too old for family traditions.





These two bring us so much CHEER and FUNSHINE!  I can’t think of more appropriate costumes for them!  I am thankful everyday that Lucy’s family moved in “next door” a few years ago.  HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Sara (Lucy’s mom) said it best on IG-

Funshine Bear and Cheer Bear to brighten your day. 💛💕 The most spot on costumes ever…in our Care Bear costume research we discovered …”Cheer Bear makes up cheers on the spot for encouragement or to help solve a problem. Funshine makes the most of her days with sunny optimism and being fearless.” 💛💕 That is Lucy and Sophie to the max.