gratitude remembered


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My dad passed away on October 15, 2018 at approximately 3:00 a.m.  His health declined significantly September 21, 2018.  His mind had been so sharp even though his body was steadily declining.  That Friday morning he woke up confused.  He actually thought he was in California.  When I walked into his house, he thanked me for coming all that way to visit.  We had another 23 days with him.  They were filled with family, humor, concern, trips to satisfy cravings that he wanted yet couldn’t eat, trips from Annie (twice) and Mike with his children, tears, frustration, and most of all- LOVE.  We had approximately three weeks with hospice and I am not sure if we could have made it without them.  Their reassurance brought us confidence and comfort.  The hospital bed made caring for him so much easier.  Everything they offered was truly a gift.

I will write more about his passing, but for now, I want to remember my afternoon today.  I was sitting in the car outside of Sophie’s tumbling gym.  Rain was falling on the car as I wrote thank you notes.  I have felt so loved by so many- texts and phone calls, beautiful plants and flowers, meals, visits to my home and to dad’s services, chocolate 🙂  One of the most precious gifts I received was yesterday.  My dear friend Melissa, we met at age 13 or 14 in Santa Rosa, CA, sent me a book she compiled when her own father died.  It is beautiful.  I will always treasure it.  My heart was filled with so much love as I wrote a few thank you notes.  Love from others and gratitude remembered brings a bit of healing.  I looked at the beauty through the windshield of the car and decided today was the day to begin practicing again.  A photo a day is back, and it felt good.

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