PUERTO RICO: day six

The only item on our schedule today was church. We met the missionaries while we were out the day before. They confirmed their meeting was at 11:00 a.m. There are about 10-15 attending members of their branch. We loved getting to know the people there. It was a testimony meeting. Danny and Dan both bore their testimonies in Spanish. I conversed with a few people in Spanish after the meeting too. When we came home after lunch, Sophie and Ellie told Danny that he could speak to them only in Spanish to help them learn the language. I told him I would hold down the English in the household. I do speak Spanish. But it doesn’t remotely feel like a language I can speak with ease anymore. The more I have been around it this trip…the more comfortable I feel.

After church we stopped for our favorite ice cream and then lunch. We stayed around the beach house a lot.

I took some photos of Ellie before sunset…REALLY wishing I had brought my Canon 5d! It would have been heavy…but REALLY worth it! Especially the night of the Bioluminescent tour. My markiii is the only camera we own that could have handled that.

We ended the night with a BBQ poolside. It was a great day!

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