PUERTO RICO: day seven

Day seven began in the search for sea turtles. We were told by several locals to go to the Mosquito Pier and they feed in the water on the dock pilings. We headed there with snorkel gear and high hopes. We were sure to have success since our last day in Hawaii we found sea turtles. We peaked over the side up and down the pier with no sightings. Then a few of us, the more adventurous ones, jumped with gear. Unfortunately, there were no turtles in sight. A few fish only.

Waiting for the snorkelers…

Then we headed to Pata Prieta…we could take beach life for several more weeks I think. We met a man, David Barros, who is from Bristol, RI. I asked him if he knew Aunt Jossy. He didn’t think so, but he did know our sweet friend Marcia Hess…and had been to Hog Island! It is a small world!

Leaving Pata Prieta, we got a flat tire. When we rented the Jeep we were given a can of fix-a-flat. I guess it happens often. The girls will miss having a Jeep to drive around, especially with out the top and doors.

Danny didn’t let a day pass by while were there that he didn’t do sit-ups on the beach. 🙂

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