PUERTO RICO: day eight

I am sitting on the plane waiting for take off. I feel so grateful for the adventure we found here. I always want to remember:

  • we handled any road bumps ie:getting lost on the way to Pomaroso, Danny missing the ferry, a flat tire leaving the Plata Pieta beach, and the first undesirable house rental-with calmness, confidence and laughter
  • when Danny took Sophie for a treat, she picked up a KitKat and brought it back for me because she knew I would love it
  • the views from our windows at the beach house (pictured above)
  • Ellie holding Sophie’s hand just before she jumped off the cliff
  • spending so much time with great friends that were kind enough to invite us along (thank you Dan and Heidi)
  • meeting David from Bristol, RI—and realizing we share a mutual friend, sweet Marcia Hess!
  • riding in the Jeep with doors and roof off, blasting our new “Puerto Rico” playlist that all eleven of us contributed too
  • Kate always wanting to help me with my bag (and Danny too)
  • wherever we went, Danny wanting to make sure I had a seat or shade or anything to make me comfortable
  • Danny calling Ellie and I over to fill in the sentence in the sand on the beach at our Vieques house, “I ❤️_________” and just as we got there, a wave washed it away ☺️
  • trying to surprise the Lowe kids when we picked them up in the Thrifty Van, ducking behind the seats blasting “Despacito”
  • the testimony meeting in a tiny branch on Vieques with 10-15 members
  • twice when tears filled my eyes and my heart was spilling over with gratitude for this messy, fun, hard, happy, crazy, peaceful, amazing life

Muchas gracías Puerto Rico 🇵🇷

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