thoughts from my yoga teacher

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At yoga yesterday, the teacher began with a thought she offered that we could meditate on for a few years…

perfection- take away perfection = perfection

I have been thinking about it since then. She also stopped in the middle of our class, muscles straining…focus sharpened, trying to learn side planks and the most efficient safest form…

“you know this is FUN right, that’s why we come, or one of the reasons.”

I do love yoga, but FUN isn’t the first word that would come to mind when I think of yoga. But it is FUN. And maybe I could focus on FUN a bit more…and do things not because I should, or out of duty, but because it’s FUN.

And maybe if I took perfection, out of perfection, that would leave a lot more space for FUN. Maybe I could talk Sophie into believing homework is FUN! 🙂

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