PUERTO RICO: day five

Breakfast early and out the door, to beat the Saturday beach crowd, this morning. We chose Caracas Beach (on the island of Vieques) today. The kids liked it so much they didn’t even ask for food. The sand was white, soft and WARM! The water was clearer than any ocean water I have been in. We even saw a crab (the size of a salad plate) walking by along the ocean floor without goggles!

We left the beach just before two. We were headed to lunch (Buga’s Restaurant) and saw some missionaries on the side of the road. Danny, Dan and I all served missions so we have a soft spot for the elders (and sisters). We pulled over and asked about church tomorrow. We also asked if we could take them to dinner Monday. They said YES! One of them, Elder Poulton, is from Bountiful!

We ate lunch at Buga’s and then ice cream at a shop around the corner from that. There were showers and naps when we got back to the beach house. Kate was up and ready before anyone else so we took my little Olympus and did a mini shoot-

Soon after the photo shoot we made spaghetti dinner. We cleaned up quickly and headed out the door for a bioluminescent kayak bay tour at Mosquito Bay. I am telling you, it was amazing. My Canon 5d might have been able to capture some of it, but the GoPro and phone camera were no match for the darkness. Seeing the water glow in glass bottom kayaks was something we hope we never ever forget. The sky full after stars was fantastic too. This is a BEAUTIFUL part of the world!

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  1. Incredible appreciation you show, in your writing and photography, for the genuine joys of life. I had the clear impression, while absorbed in your blog, that your Dad was just beaming and enthusiastically expressing gratitude to his loved ones for his wonderful and joyous posterity (in you, your siblings and all of his grandchildren).

    • We have had a few similar impressions. We often feel him close, which I am so grateful for! Thank you for taking the time to read and comment on my blog. I d really enjoy documenting my life this way.

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