PUERTO RICO: day four

We woke to the sound of ocean waves (!!!!!) and roosters. In fact, we heard both all night long. The house we are renting has its own access to the beach. Danny and I went out there as soon as we were up. We didn’t quite make sunrise, but we were close. I love the long shadows of the early morning.

We are SO grateful for this beach house. It was actually quite an ordeal to get it. When we arrived yesterday we had a different reservation. We went into that house and were not thrilled. There was a leaking generator next to the dining room table, a toilet that wouldn’t flush, a mouse trap on the kitchen floor and a cockroach that met has at the door. (among other things). Our friend Dan made the executive decision-we weren’t staying there.

This house wasn’t listed when we were looking because they were doing some improvements. It has the most understanding property manager who patiently waited while we tried to sort things out with Airbnb. Much of this day we (especially Dan & Heidi) worked on struggling through negotiations.

Meanwhile, we enjoyed a few beaches and this home we call ours for a few days more.

We were released by 11:00 pm tonight (over 30 hours later!). We slept easier knowing we wouldn’t be paying for two house rentals! 😜

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  1. It’s all too easy to say, “¡Bienvenido a América Latina!” Problems often confront and time (to many others) seems to matter little. With time (which is not abundant on a vacation) you learn to go with the flow. Eventually you can mold your time and space into an acceptable and enjoyable learning experience. Here, I’ve learned how to repair the washing machine in my apartment (with long-distance guidance from Jared) with only wire cutters, electrical tape and nylon zip ties, eliminating the failed part altogether. I’ve cleaned and serviced all of the door/lock/handle mechanisms; lubricated all of the hinges; remembered how to bathe, wash dishes and clothes all without hot water and to make cornbread with native ingredients in a small, propane-heated oven; how to walk to Church and arrive on time (NOT Mormon-time or Nica-time) and to sync my early mornings with the crowing of the barrio’s roosters and my evenings to the light of the most brilliant stars. Ahora considero a la luna como la compañera más confiable.

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