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  • group senior session

    Of all of the many amazing things we learn in school- learning to love friends might be the most valuable. It feels like an important aspect to document beautifully. I am offering group senior portrait sessions. The details: SENIOR GROUP PORTRAIT SESSIONS SATURDAY APRIL 4TH WHITESPACE STUDIOS in Bountiful, UT up to 3 individuals: 30 […]

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    photos we took right after her first surgery:

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  • the world feels quieter when the snow falls

    Today it snowed. I woke early for a Pilates class and was surprised to see the world draped in white. As I slipped along the path to the door, I was excited for what was to come. The class is always a challenge, yet for some reason, against my nature, I enjoy the challenge. After […]

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  • what FUN has to do with it

    I was in a conversation recently where having FUN was considered frivolous…and business and productivity were almost only valued. I have reflected on it a lot, not because I agree intellectually, but because my nature tends to lean that way. If I could go back in time and change anything about my life as a […]

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  • There was a last-minute opening in a sold-out workshop. I had only recently become aware of @lizzyography and her work. When she announced that someone couldn’t make her workshop, I decided to jump at the chance. I am so glad that I did. There was an assignment given via email pre-workshop to bring my favorite […]

  • angels helping angels

    Ellie was asked by our bishop to share her experiences with HEFY this summer. I was so glad he did, and that she was willing, because it gave her the opportunity to reflect on all of it’s goodness… Her words… This summer I went on a humanitarian trip with HEFY to Tonga, that stands for […]

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  • all I want for Christmas

    All I wanted for Christmas for seven straight years was them. I wanted to be a mom. We tried with help from my regular OB and then two different fertility specialists. Danny and I each had surgery (laparoscopy for me and a varicocele repair for him). We attempted a few artificial inseminations. The last specialist […]

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  • two years today

    I was new to the neighborhood. I was called to teach the laurels (YW church group age 16-18). Mary was in my class. We always ended with a closing prayer. I would ask for a volunteer. There was a pause and then Mary volunteered. The only reason Mary hesitated was because she had said it […]

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  • advent calendar: Christmas books

    We have had this tradition since our girls were small. Sometime before December 1st (usually November 30th…and sometimes the morning of the 1st), I wrap 25 books from our Christmas picture book collection. I generally buy a few each year, some have been gifts we have received, a few I have even bought at a […]

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