a case for making breakfast

I woke up on my own at 7:00 am. Ellie was home for the weekend and I knew that she was hoping to get on the road by 9:00 to head back to St George. I hopped out of bed and went straight to the kitchen. I put together a breakfast…nothing super fancy (Trader Joe’s blueberry muffins from a mix, fresh fruit, greek yogurt, Purely Elizabeth granola-we are obsessed with that granola, and scrambled eggs).

I have not been in a strong habit of making breakfast here. Especially on the weekdays-our schedules and food preferences vary so much that it hasn’t felt worth the effort. Yesterday was different. Kate and Sophie got up because they knew I made breakfast and that Ellie would be leaving. The five of us sat around the table and ate and talked for at least an hour. As parents of young adult/teen daughters, we treasure every minute we can be together and just visit face to face. Our conversation went from pop culture, favorite kid’s names, re-cap of the weekend, how work is going for everyone and general conference.

After Ellie drove away, I went back in the house and looked over at this partly cleared table. I felt so grateful for the time. I was hit with the power of putting some food together and presenting it to the people I love the most. When the scheduling stars align, there really is so much power in sharing a meal. I am learning that the effort, regardless of who can be there, is worth anytime we can sit at the table together and be a family.

Do you have breakfast traditions? Favorite recipes? I would love to hear them!

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