working on sleep

I slept until 7:54 am!!!!!!!

I used to pride myself in my gift of sleep. I fell asleep quickly, slept deeply and didn’t wake up until my alarm went off or someone in my family woke me up.

After turning 50 it all changed. It takes me longer to fall asleep, I usually wake up at least once and I am generally awake for good by 6:00 am.

Experts tell us the importance of sleeping at least 7-8 hours a night. IF ONLY!

Well, I’ve been working on it and recognized significant progress when I saw the clock said 7:54 when I woke up this morning! (Wednesdays are late start for Sophie!) It may be that I brought the down comforter back (a benefit of dropping temperatures!) but here are a few other things I have added-

white noise: my friend Heather told me about THIS and I ordered it immediately- I have had it on every night since!

remove electronics: this is an obvious one and has been a habit I have had for a few hours. I like it for the atmosphere in the room on top of avoiding blue light at night.

nose dilators: I knew about “breathe right strips” but had never tried them. I have a deviated septum and don’t breathe well through my nose. I started using these and they have changed everything! I have tried THESE and THESE are a new favorite. They are inexpensive and life changing for me! It has actually improved my nose breathing during the day too!

magnesium: I take THIS supplement daily. I have had my hormones tested through Your Hormone Balance. They recommended increasing my magnesium. In addition to supplements, my morning smoothie includes cacao nibs, 1/2 of a banana, pumpkin seeds, Brazil nuts and macadamia nuts. I had suffered from restless legs for a lot of years and magnesium has changed that. It has really helped my sleep too. Recently I added THIS moisturizer and I love it!

cooling down: Cozy Earth sheets (have you tried these!?), open windows, drop the thermostat at night

Oura ring: This is a screenshot of my sleep information from my Oura ring from last night. I have really liked having the information.

Through Oura I’ve learned that my best bedtime is 10:45-11:15. It has motivated me to take my sleep more seriously. I do sometimes I wonder if I think about and stress about it more than I would if I didn’t have it.

Danny and I bought them last May for Mother’s Day for me and his birthday for him. I just received an invoice from Oura that could be turned in for HSA/FSA-which would be amazing!

It has been been a bit of work–but I am seeing progress and for that I am SO GRATEFUL!

Do you have any tips that I haven’t mentioned here?

(The links here are shared items I use and purchase. Those from Amazon are affiliate links.)

Bedding is from: Cozy Earth, West Elm and Casaluna (Target)

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