why I hire a professional photographer

Two of our daughters live 4 hours away, attending college. They usually come back for a visit about once a month. Unfortunately, their trips back home weren’t coinciding this fall. With our crazy summer (Ellie living in St G, Kate traveling & celebrating graduation and the rest of us distracted with the remodel of our home), I never thought about family photos. I realized that the soonest we would all be together was fall break in California. California! It was last minute (2 weeks before our trip)…would my first choice, favorite photographer be available? Leah Zawadzki, I have admired her work for YEARS! We had never met but I had purchased presets and took an editing class from her years ago. I emailed her, sure she was booked. She responded quickly and made time for us during our trip! It was SO FUN meeting her-and the images she created for us are some of my favorites!

Although, I have been a portrait photographer for over 15 years and have the equipment necessary to take photos of all of us, there is something special about being captured by a professional. So whether you are an enthusiasts or professional-I am going to make the case for hiring a photographer for your own family session!

I love to see us through the eyes of an artist.

I can let go of the details of light and camera mechanics and just enjoy being with those that I love most.

My girls are so much better in front of my camera now, than they were when they were younger BUT they really shine when I bring a professional in.

It is an opportunity for ME to be documented. I will keep saying this…to myself and any other woman that will listen…your family and loved ones need photos of YOU! YOU with them and YOU alone! When I worked as a portrait photographer…I almost ALWAYS insisted on photos of mom, whether she was planning on being in them or not 🙂

I love supporting fellow creatives and artists…and almost always come away learning something, and gaining a friend- which is the best trait of a great photographer! I loved meeting Leah and hope to find another excuse to go to CA, so that we can work together again!

If you are in Southern California-give Leah a call! You won’t be disappointed!

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