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  • some finds on a Friday

    This week the blossoms popped open on our flowering pear trees that line the street in front of our home. They are magical every year! These are some finds that have been a bright spot for me lately. I have no affiliation…just love them. Everyone needs a Betty- THIS was so heartwarming! I REALLY wanted […]

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    It is my new favorite book. If we have seen each other in person in the last few months, I have probably mentioned this book to you. I am a sucker for a substantive self help book, but this one is next level for me. For most of us, our default processes keep us looking […]

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  • Easter baskets

    Our three girls have been responsible for buying their own clothes for years. For the holidays I tend to gift them those things that I don’t purchase for them during the regular year. I am always on the look out for gift ideas, especially as they have gotten older. (They don’t think of me as […]

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  • once there was a music room

    once there was a music room

    We bought a beautiful 1965 baby grand piano in hopes that our family would sit at the bench and fill the house with music. 12 years later, it sat lonely and dusty. We decided to sell it to make better use of the space in the front of our home. I was a little bit […]

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  • Spiritual Momentum

    Spiritual Momentum

    We were able to attend the Sunday afternoon session of General Conference in person this weekend. Before we walked into the Conference Center, we stopped by the construction area of the Salt Lake Temple. As we were approaching, my sweet mother-in-law asked, “what building is that?” It really is almost unrecognizable with the scaffolding and […]

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  • loving winter, who am I?

    loving winter, who am I?

    In July, it will be 30 years that I have lived in the great state of Utah. Most of those winters I have spent daydreaming of moving to a warmer climate. While summer will always have my heart (80-90 degrees is my happy place), this winter has been different. Not only have I tolerated the […]

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    Kate likes having her photo taken. She has had people comment that she is photogenic. What does “photogenic” mean? My definition would be a person who feels relaxed and confident in front of the camera. It could also mean- looking your best in photos. That doesn’t come naturally to me, but it does to my […]

  • SHE INSPIRES: write your story

    Once I saw the physical product, I immediately understood why she panicked. My sister in law Amanda had switched to a new phone and her journal, that she had faithfully written in for years, was gone. Fortunately, she was able to retrieve it…but until she worked it out, she was pretty devastated. After you read […]

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  • embracing your thoughts on motherhood

    Our thoughts and feelings about motherhood change like the ocean tide. Is it filled with joy or sorrow, or like many of us—both? Are you lucky enough to have a mom living? Even luckier still, are you able to visit her this weekend (careful to social distance…or able to embrace her)? Does she live far […]

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  • “do it anyway”

    I was walking through City Creek and shopping with my daughters. I ran into my friend Natalie. She had a huge smile on her face and I was excited to catch up. She had fun news to share with me. Natalie was going to be starting V School in the coming week. She had decided […]

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