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  • every single day

    I attended a violin senior recital last Friday.  5 seniors were performing solos of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons with an orchestra accompanying them.  Each performer was FANTASTIC! As the 4th senior came to stage and played her first note, I knew something was different.  She was phenomenal.  We were mesmerized, truly blown away.  After arriving home […]

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  • the exit interview

    iso400 35mm f2.8 1/160 It was the last day of my mission in the Argentina Rosario Mission.  I sat across the desk from my mission president, Jorge Ventura.  He asked me a question in Spanish- “do you know how to find a husband?”  I wasn’t sure what he meant or how to respond.  He filled […]

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  • Saturday night swim

    Saturday night swim

    When the girls were little we loved the pool on Saturday nights.  We would bring dinner.  We often found neighbors to visit with…and always played until close.  The girls would shower before we left. When we returned home they were ready for bed.  It was the perfect way to end a summer night.  Now that […]

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  • 3rd pair

    her last pair broke in a “jumping on the trampoline with glasses” incident

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  • 3 days left

    There are only three days left of school- Kate will do about anything to avoid writing her last English essay of the 8th grade.

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  • leaving notes for the next guy

    I think these last 5 years are among Danny’s favorite.  We are surrounded by the most generous and loving neighbors and friends.  He loved his association with those serving alongside him.  He became familiar with his Savior in a way that couldn’t happen without his calling as a bishop.  He will miss all of that- […]

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  • S I X T E E N

    (left to right: Sophie, Rivers, Ellie, Quincy, Lauren & Kate) She is 16 and ready to conquer the world.  She is already making plans for early graduation…(my mama heart says why rush?) living on land, somewhere warm (!!!!) …growing…loving dogs and children…and working hard through college.   I can’t wait to watch her reach her dreams! […]

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  • create>consume

    Photo taken on March 31, 2017.  Danny and I (with Michel + Jimmy) rose early our first morning in Hawaii to watch the sunrise over the ocean.  On our way back to the house (oh how I long to be there every morning!) I caught my shadow as I approached the lawn. Rising early to capture […]

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  • she still asks me to do her hair

    She still asks me to do her hair in the morning and frequently seeks my advice on what she should wear.  She grabs my hand when we walk and tells me a play by play everyday of her time at school.  She leaves a bit of chaos in any room she enters.  Something tells me […]

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  • e l e v e n

    It was her birthday and we were talking about how many years until she was an adult. (That traumatic conversation was NOT my idea!) When I said “7 years” out loud I almost had an anxiety attack!  7 years…that is NOTHING!  We have lived in this home for 10 years…and that moves seems like yesterday. […]

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