two years today

I was new to the neighborhood. I was called to teach the laurels (YW church group age 16-18). Mary was in my class. We always ended with a closing prayer. I would ask for a volunteer. There was a pause and then Mary volunteered. The only reason Mary hesitated was because she had said it the week before. She was so generous with her heart, even at that age. Years later when I had that calling in church again, I asked if she would come back to talk to the girls about her feelings of the gospel. She stood up and showed them a journal that I had given her when she was in my class. It was a scripture journal. She talked about how much it meant to her. I was so surprised-not only that she used it back then in her teens-but that she still had it. It was such a kind gesture, and my heart grew again just by being around her. It’s hard to imagine that this earth has not had Mary here for two years. I know her legacy lives on in so many people, everyone who knew her. Especially this beautiful family of hers. I miss you Mary. I will be wearing red lipstick today and sharing love as much as I can today, because I know that is what you would be doing if you were here.

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