PUERTO RICO: day two

We woke up this morning on a beautiful coffee farm- Cafe Pomarrosa. The rooms/cabins were beautiful, clean and comfortable. Eva and Kirk, the owners and hosts are two delightful people, passionate about their work. The breakfast they served was delicious- especially the fresh fruit and fried plantains.

After breakfast we enjoyed a fascinating tour of the farm and their process of making specialty Puertarican coffee. We loved it!

After the tour we headed into Ponce for lunch and ice cream-

And then our home for the night…and more importantly, it’s beach

I didn’t get to the shore fast enough to snap a photo of Kate. She jumps in for a swim as quick as she can and stays the last minute possible. I love how much they love the ocean!

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  1. I believe that we all have an elemental connection with the ocean, as well as the stars. It is the physical matter that we are made of. It promotes healing and wellness. When those elements are insufficient in our physcial composition, we can call upon powers of spirit.


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