PUERTO RICO: day one

Our friends Dan & Heidi called us in December- “Hey wanna come with us and take the kids to Puerto Rico!?” We checked flights and told them we were in the next day. We flew on different airlines. Our family of 5 landed a few hours earlier. We rented a large passenger van grabbed some gelato at Piu Bello and went back to the airport when it was time for them to land!

Some of the highlights of today:

lunch where fried plantains, rice and beans, with cornbread sticks were the highlight.

tour of Castillo San Felipe

Cheesecake Factory to celebrate Frankie’s 10th birthday today! (I can’t believe she is 10!)

The sights are beautiful, but truly the warm ocean breeze has put all of those smiles on our faces. It feels so good to defrost!

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  1. What a great opportunity for your family! I hope you are able to practice what Spanish you can remember. Some day I would like to host you, here in Nicaragua. Perhaps for the dedication of the temple. I love you, cousin, and your family.

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