12 years old


An interview with Sophie after TURNING TWELVE YEARS OLD!

What is your favorite quote or thought to think?

“Actually, you are good enough.”

Is there anything that you do daily, no matter what?

“exercise…usually tumbling” (everywhere she goes!)

Is there something you couldn’t live without?



What is unique about you?

“that I can tumble”

Why do you participate in power tumbling?

“Because it’s something I am pretty good at and it is something different, that most people can’t do. And it’s really fun!”

Can you think of someone who inspires you to be a better person?

“Kara Chapman. Because she always shares her stories of her mistakes, how to improve and she’s really funny.  And my mom, because she always lets us do what we love. That she likes photography and has never given up on it”


What trait are you most grateful for in yourself?

“I like having fun!”

What is your favorite book and why?

“THE INVISIBLE EMMIE and POSITIVE IZZY because they are easy to read, fun and they cover how different people get through challenges.”

What is your favorite failure or mistake?

“When I messed up on my ball-out (at yesterday’s meet) because it was something I was scared to do, but I went for it. Even though I didn’t get a full rotation, I was happy that I tried it.”


What is your favorite space in our home?

“the fridge”

“and the guest bedroom downstairs…it is cooler downstairs and kind of a hideout.”

“and my bed”

If you had an extra hour everyday-what would you do with it?

“jump on the tramp”

Favorite dessert?

“all of them”


What does the world need more of?

“chocolate and less criticism and more praise”

What time in your life have you felt especially beautiful?

“When I am around people I love”

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