91 years and 1 day

Dad, Mike, Dede, Mom, me and Annie
(when my mom and dad were at the parenting stage that Danny and I are now)

My dad would be 91 years and a day today. I was in St George, dropping Kate off to school on his birthday. He would be SO PROUD of her (and Danny and I too). My favorite moment of our weekend was Friday. Danny, Sophie, Kate and I met Ellie and Sam at the Cedar City temple on our way down. My mother in law had given us names and she had someone in her line with my dad’s name, Robert Miller. Sam was able to do that and I knew my dad would have loved that moment.

Later that day, we had set up Kate’s apartment and had a reservation to have our back to school dinner at Capeletti’s. Before dinner I wanted to give all of the kids their back to school gift that represents the theme Danny and I chose for the year. (I’ll share that soon!) We sat around the apartment living room sharing our perspectives and ideas on the theme. I was filled with so much joy. They shared their hearts and hopes for the coming year. They are so much wiser than I was at their ages!

My favorite moments with my dad were sitting around the living room, always the 6 of us…but often friends too. My dad would share life stories, moral lessons, his testimony and inspiring experiences. He was so good at it. When I was young, I assumed that these gatherings were spontaneous, now I know better. He wanted the very best for us, better than he had…and sharing his heart was the best possible way to inspire us to find a better life.

Happy birthday Dad. I hope we are making you proud. Thanks for looking out for us. xo

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