Kate likes having her photo taken. She has had people comment that she is photogenic. What does “photogenic” mean? My definition would be a person who feels relaxed and confident in front of the camera. It could also mean- looking your best in photos.

That doesn’t come naturally to me, but it does to my daughter. She was a willing & enthusiastic model for a mentor session I did with Sophie and two friends this summer. I know a few “hacks” to help if you want more confidence in front of the camera.

  1. LEAN…lean on one leg OR your head on your shoulder OR your arm on the person next to you OR all three. The idea is to relax. When you offset your weight and lean on anything in your environment, it gives a much more natural feel to your images.
  2. Watch your THOUGHTS. What you are thinking about will translate from your face to your images. If you are criticizing yourself, or feeling self conscious- that will permeate through the images. Instead think about the mood or feelings you want to create with the images. Is it a family session? Think of why you are grateful for that person or people next to you. Think thoughts that bring up gratitude for that moment. It will shine through to your photos.
  3. create ANGLES…angles are more flattering than facing the camera straight on…bend a knee, point a toe, turn your shoulder toward the lens. Twist and turn to play with angles
  4. MOVE…walk, run, turn, spin. If you are sitting or standing- switch weight distribution, turn your head, change your gaze (look toward the lens, away, at the people or environment around you). With several seconds of stillness-the images can feel stagnant. MOVE IT MOVE IT
  5. engage with your ENVIRONMENT- talk and interact with the others in your photo…hug|embrace|lean on|play|laugh If you are alone…engage with the world around you…lean on the wall, climb the tree, run up the stairs, sit on the railing, pick the flowers…

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