embracing your thoughts on motherhood

me, my mom and my sister Dede: I was one year old

Our thoughts and feelings about motherhood change like the ocean tide. Is it filled with joy or sorrow, or like many of us—both? Are you lucky enough to have a mom living? Even luckier still, are you able to visit her this weekend (careful to social distance…or able to embrace her)? Does she live far away or does the current health crisis keep you physically distant, that forces your contact to be over the phone? Has your mom passed away, and your recognition of the day required to be on your own? Is your relationship such that you keep a physical and even audible distance for your own well being? There are endless ways to document your feelings about her and your relationship with her, regardless of your situation. Whether your story of motherhood is beautiful or tragic, there is always beauty in the story of how you have learned, benefited and gained from your mother- BECAUSE OF HER, or even in spite of her.

my mom and I the day I graduated from college


If you are lucky enough to be able to be with your mom on Mother’s Day…document it with a photo. Hand over a camera, even if it’s your phone. GET IN THE PHOTO! Let go of any idea of perfection and photograph life just as it is.

If you aren’t able to be with her in person…screen shot or video record a Facetime conversation. Ask her questions. Tell her something you are grateful for.


My girls asked me what I wanted for Mother’s Day. I responded, “a letter.” I am fortunate to have all that I need and most of what I want. I can’t think of anything more meaningful than reading their thoughts of us and our relationship. It would mean the world to me. So whether your mom is living or has passed- write her a letter or meaningful words in a card. Write your thoughts and if you can, fill it with gratitude. It will fill you with love and will be the greatest gift she may not have asked for.


Whether you choose a social media platform with a photo or the journal and pen at your nightstand, write your thoughts and feelings about motherhood. It can be about your feelings of your mom or your thoughts about being a mom yourself. The benefit of sharing it on social media is the connection and inspiration you can share with those that see it. The benefit of documenting it for yourself is the beautiful way you can process all of your thoughts and feelings without the lens of what is appropriate to share with the world.

visiting my mom at work at age 11

The most important part of any way you choose to celebrate-is letting go of perfection. Just like motherhood, EMBRACE WHAT IS. Embrace the struggle, trial, messiness of your relationships, thoughts and feelings. It is in that process, that love, that grace that creates an opportunity for the beauty of humanness to flourish.

my mom with my daughters approximately 8 years ago

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