“Our society is much more interested in information than wonder, in noise rather than silence…And I feel that we need a lot more WONDER and a lot more SILENCE in our lives.” -Mr. Fred Rogers

I was taught a powerful lesson this Sunday. A young man, who I admire so much, was giving a talk during our church service. His subject was prayer. He stated how many prayers we would have said at that point of the day on a Sunday morning. I can’t remember the number he used—but I remember thinking it was more than I had prayed that day. Then he listed…

morning prayer

breakfast prayer

opening prayer in the church meeting

the sacrament prayer

I had been physically present for all of those prayers that morning, but the reason that number seemed high to me, is because I wasn’t truly present for those prayers. Brayden had suggested later in his talk that we stay on our knees until we feel the real intent we strive for in prayer. Maybe through the silence and quieting our minds that Mr. Rogers suggests we will find the WONDER return in seeking connection with the DIVINE. I am grateful to Brayden (a senior in high school) for teaching me this lesson. I wish you all could have heard his entire talk. I have done better this week because of what he shared.

How do you create quiet and wonder in your lives? It is a serious struggle for us at our house.

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