Chanson Triste

If I could pick a song to lull me sweetly to sleep every night, it would be Kate playing CHANSON TRISTE. It is so beautiful, especially when she plays it. We attended Kate’s recital after Sophie’s tumbling meet today. As she was packing up, one of the other parents of a younger student said to Kate, “people should pay to hear you play.” It was so sweet to take the time to say something so uplifting to her. It meant the world to her. We did loudly applaud the adult cellist who performed TWINKLE TWINKLE LITTLE STAR, the first song in the Suzuki repetoir. I wish I had audibly told him how impressed I was with his performance (it was precise and clear!) with his wife and two children cheering him on, with the proudest faces. I sometimes focus on the hardship and stress of music on my kids. Tonight I was reminded what is so beautiful and worthwhile about it. And I am always thrilled to hear Kate play. 🙂

Nana came too, so it was a great excuse to go to dinner after. Nana wanted the Old Spaghetti Factory and we didn’t complain one bit.

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