State Tumbling Meet

The focus landed on the floor in this shot…but I love how Sophie is so graceful in the image. It represents how she has handled the season. I have been so impressed with the grace she demonstrates, regardless of the score. She has never been extremely showy with a high score, or upset with last place. Setbacks in score have never brought tears to her eyes. She has outstanding sportsmanship, which makes it a greater joy to enjoy this journey with her.

On this particular meet she ranked:

  • floor: 13th out of 17 (age 13, level 7)
  • double mini: 7th out of 23 (age 13, level 6)
  • trampoline: 2nd out of 8 (age 13, level 7)

She noted that she did best this meet in the event she likes the least (trampoline), and scored worst (toppled over after landing her second pass) in her best event (floor). She really hasn’t liked tramp most of this season, and even asked, before it started this year, if she could opt out of competing in trampoline. I am grateful that she sticks with this sport and loves it like she does. She is a great example to me.

waiting to hear her rank on double-mini
Utah State double mini champions: age 13 level 6

Utah State trampoline champions: age 13 level 7

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