illuminating the fog

50mm | iso 320 | f2.5 | 1/800

I have been in a fog of:

I can’t, I don’t follow through, there isn’t enough time, who do I think I am?, I don’t know how, it’s too much, too hard, not important

Are you exhausted just reading that mess?  These thoughts that run through my mind repetitively create feelings of discouragement and weakness…and they are a total lie.  They are a deception.  They propel me to inaction and distraction.  

35mm | iso 320 | f2.5 | 1/800

In the past, I have tried to fight the inaction and distraction with checklists, schedules, and guilt.  I haven’t seen much any change or benefit from that strategy.  It’s time to change my way of thinking.  I read today, 

“Derive happiness in oneself from a good day’s work, from illuminating the fog that surrounds us.”

Henri Matisse

My new thoughts to illuminate the fog:

  • I follow through
  • I have gifts to offer the world
  • I know what to do

The feelings these new thoughts will create are confidence, success, and focus.  The actions that follow these thoughts will be a desire to rise early and hit the ground running, to keep the schedule I have made for myself, work with intention and make and keep BIG goals. 

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  1. Carin, I love your posts and thank you for what you share. You are an amazing woman, mother, wife, friend… I wish we lived closer so that I could soak up your awesomeness!

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