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I was asked a question today about lenses.  “Which lens should I buy?” is the question that I am asked very most. Prime lenses are my VERY FAVORITE.  They don’t zoom in and out.  They focus on the range that they are best at and generally do a fantastic job.  If you want to change your view, you move your body instead of the lens.  The prime lenses that I currently shoot with are:

I shot all of these sets at aperture 2.0 (because that is as open as the 135mm shoots).  I stood or sat in the same spot for each capture within the set.  I kept the exposure and edit the same. They were also all shot with mid-day/overcast light in auto white balance.

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35mm– sharp as a tack (even at f2.0), fits a lot in one frame…even when you are close.  I love that it shoots as wide open as 1.4 (great indoors and in low light situations).

50mm– great focusing, fits plenty into a frame (obviously less than the 35mm).  It shoots as wide open as 1.2 (which is even better than the 35mm for indoors and low light).  The bokeh (blurry area) is starting to really shine.

85mm– it is SO AFFORDABLE! It focuses well…but has a beautiful bokeh.  It retails for $370…and I have had mine for almost 10 years!

135mm– THE BOKEH! The “out-of-focus” portion of the images I shoot with this lens absolutely melt away.  The in-focus portions are well focused.


35mm-cost (I like everything else about it)

50mm-cost (I like everything else about it)

85mm-I can’t think of a CON

135mm– the softness can be too soft.  When I shoot faces close up with this lens…sometimes just their lashes are in focus…and not their eyes or nose.  I have to close the aperture a bit to have enough depth of field.  As long as you remember that, it is one of my very favorite lenses.

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