def. of CREATE


28mm, f4.5, 1/1250, ISO200 | Hog Island, RI

Most of my life I thought of the action to CREATE when referring to CREATIVITY had almost everything to do with art…drawing, clay sculpting, painting, crafts, etc…  It is SO much broader to me now.  The definition of CREATE in the Merriam-Webster online dictionary is:

  • to bring into existence
  • to invest with a new form, office or rank
  • to produce through imaginative skill
  • to make or bring into existence something new

To bring anything into existence…to work on anything in an imaginative way…even laundry, could become a creative endeavor.  My favorite antonym of CREATE is CONSUME.  I am seeing more and more that anything I am doing proactively…that is coming from ideas in my brain is a creative process.  I believe that igniting that within ourselves…even while doing laundry, is fuel for our lives and happiness.

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