every single day

I attended a violin senior recital last Friday.  5 seniors were performing solos of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons with an orchestra accompanying them.  Each performer was FANTASTIC! As the 4th senior came to stage and played her first note, I knew something was different.  She was phenomenal.  We were mesmerized, truly blown away.  After arriving home we read her bio in the program.  It stated, among other accomplishments, that she practiced every single day for 7 years.  Remarkable.

I have given the same assignment at the very end of every photography class I have ever taught.  This assignment is more important than fstop selection, shutter speed choice or the ISO level.  It is more valuable than the equipment you own.  Sometimes I am really good at it, and other times; due to fear, apathy and distraction, I run the other way.  When I have given this assignment to my students they have been in an all day workshop, brains overloaded with knowledge.  I ask them to raise their right hand and promise to practice every day for at least 30 days.

But what if it was…

a year…

two years…

ten years…

a lifetime…

I have recently begun a new daily practice.  I am committed to pick up my camera every day and take at least one photo.  I have this image to thank for that recommitment.  I wouldn’t have had my camera with me without my new goal.  I wouldn’t have seen the subtle light settle on the fence after Sunday dinner at my parent’s home.  I wouldn’t have asked my daughter to stand in the light.


1/640, f2.5, ISO 250, 85mm


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