Photo taken on March 31, 2017.  Danny and I (with Michel + Jimmy) rose early our first morning in Hawaii to watch the sunrise over the ocean.  On our way back to the house (oh how I long to be there every morning!) I caught my shadow as I approached the lawn. Rising early to capture the sunrise over the ocean is one of my favorite examples of living the concept I learned yesterday.

I LOVE the podcast BOLD NEW MOM by Jody Moore.  (I can’t find the episode on her blog right now.  It may be the very newest that was posted yesterday and not on the blog yet.)  Today she taught the concept of CREATE MORE THAN YOU CONSUME.  It was EXACTLY what I needed and what I have been praying to understand.  As a stay at home mom with 3 children in 10th, 8th and 5th grades I have a lot of time on my hands.  Time that goes quickly to be sure, but time that is really flexible to fill however I choose.  I have felt really unsettled the last few years…really unsatisfied truly.  I have this desire to be more…produce more…give more…

The concept of CREATE > CONSUME pierced me!  Many of my days are filled with approximately  80% as CONSUMER and 20% as CREATOR. 

Some of my CONSUMER choices:

social media: especially IG.  I check IG ALL DAY LONG.  Most of the people I follow are people I know personally.  I check in on them over and over and over.  Photo posting then stories, then look by again in case I missed anything.  Then I head to “explore” anything there…  Facebook.  Honestly.  I hate FB.  I love people that I know on there which has been a great excuse to check in…but I really don’t like how I feel when I visit. 


reading, Netflix, listening to music, magazines, YouTube (brilliant!), TedTalks (YES!), blog reading, NEW (love/hate), movies, TV.

Jody explains…and I am in complete agreement that none of these things are bad.  The trick is to make sure that we CREATE more than we CONSUME.

Some CREATE choices that I love (and don’t do enough of):

write, play, art, cook, serve, walk, yoga, bike, swim, travel, photography, hugs, budget, FHE, calligraphy, yard work, cleaning, piano, guitar, blog….

I have a new plan.  I am done living under a rock of consumerism.  Why have I been afraid to be me…to live…to grow?  I am not sure but I am ready to live!

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  1. I need to have one of my grandchildren teach me about InstaGram. I have difficulty understanding how to navigate. I agree with you about Facebook. It is such a drain in many ways…yet, I just viewed a fabulous testimony given by Gordon B. Hinckley on Facebook.

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